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Cast of Characters

Tiffany adopted her first pet, Miss Amelia Dingo, in 1996. Hodjee followed, but had an attitude problem. So Simon was brought in to mediate. In 2004 when she bought a house, her family expanded to include some awesome ducks.


Flapper was born in 2004 and adopted from a feed store in Lynnwood, WA. He is a self-proclaimed "celebrity duck" and receives more holiday cards than anyone in the family. He is not only good looking, but also has a great personality.


O'Malley Peepers came home as a rescue from He is by far the snuggliest duck of the bunch and loves to cuddle. He will rip the stuffing right out of Flapper if he even THINKS about touching the girls though. DON'T EVEN THINK IT, FLAPPER!



Chewy Magooey was a rescued foster duck who decided to stay. Chewy likes peas, chewing on stuff and pooping when you least expect it. Chewy's biggest fear is the super bitey O'MALLEY monster. Eeeks!



Miss Amelia Dingo was born in NYC in 1995 and adopted from the ASPCA a year later. She licks plastic and eats the cheese off doritos. She will snuggle, but only privately. Do not disrespect her.



Hodjee was born in NYC in 1996 and adopted from the ASPCA. She goes "sharp side up" really fast and she has wounded 3 veterinarians, but shows no remorse. A psychic told her she was a cab driver in a past life. What's it to you?



Simon is big and dumb. He was born in NYC in 1997 and adopted from the ASPCA. He cries like a baby girl and purrs like a chainsaw. He gives hugs from the heart though. And he leaves a trail of fur in his wake. Murower?



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Question: What is your favorite thing about ducks?
There were 66 votes.

Question: Who bites the hardest?

There were 24 total votes, and most of you are right.

Question: What's the best treat ever?

There were 116 total votes. Flapper voted for fries 12 times.

Question: Who is the cutest duck of all?

There were 80 total votes.

37.4% of you people scare me. There were 99 total votes.

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Moved On:

Ethan lived with the flock for a year, but was booted back to Idaho in November of 2006. We wish him the best and hope he makes good choices to live up to his potential. Tiffany's Finishing School for Wayward Teens is officially closed.

Georgie was adopted in the fall of 2004 from the Seattle Animal Shelter. She likes dancing, preening and long walks. She is a great mother and a sweet duck. She does not like to share. She may look sweet, but don't get on her bad side. Georgie is nesting with good friends until we find a larger yard where we can legally house more ducks.

phoebe kay

Phoebe Kay joined the family in 2006 from Mountain Mom Rescue. She is a fun-loving, friendly girl who prefers to be treated like one of the guys. She has big wings and knows how to use them. Phoebs is nesting with good friends until we find a larger yard where we can legally house more ducks.

Petunia Peach

Petunia "Nubbin" Peach joined the family in 2006 from Mountain Mom Rescue. She is quiet and introspective, but happy. She enjoys hanging out order Prozac at the pool and talking with her boyfriend O'Malley. Toony is nesting with good friends until we find a larger yard where we can legally house more ducks.



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In Memoriam:

Riley was a dachsund shepherd mix we adopted in 2005. Don't think too hard about how that mix happened, it will hurt your brain. She loved duck poo, squirrels and barking. Riley passed away on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 after having a liver tumor. She will be dearly missed.



Kozmo Kirby was one big lug. He was Flapper and Georgie's duckling and was born on May 13, 2005. Kozmo did a lot to further the Hair Club for Men in his short lifetime. He will be remembered for his fabulous pool herbal viagra online parties and good-looking toupee. Kozmo passed away on Monday, July 14, 2008 after battling a seminoma cancer tumor. He now has a "It's for a good Koz" Memorial Fund in his honor.




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