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Happy Birthday O'Malley!
(September 8, 2006)

Today is a very special day. O'Malley Peepers turns 1-year-old today.


Happy Birthday, O'Malley! I made you a special birthday treat.


"Oooh that looks deeelightful! My favorite, peas!"


You enjoy it, O'Malley. This is your special day.


"Mmmm, mmm. Thanks, mom!"


While you guys devour O'Malley's birthday treat, let's look back at his first year.


O'Malley Peepers came to us after turning up at the PAWS wildlife center.
They knew right away he wasn't a mallard, so he could never be released to the wild.


He spent the first two months of his life at my office with me every day.


He even had his own car seat, 'til he outgrew it.


At home, O'Malley slept in a pen next to the bed, or on the bed with the cats.


He and Riley Roo became very good friends.


Once he grew up and learned to fly, he decided to stay outdoors with the other duckies.


He gets along well outside with the other ducks too. Well... most of the time.


O'Malley still comes into the office once in awhile. And he even has his own stroller for zooming around town.


O'Malley really enjoys being around people, and he very bravely visited Mrs. Clarrissimeaux's kindergarten class in the spring.


O'Malley, you're my special, lovable guy and I just adore you. Happy Birthday, buddy.


"Gosh, that was nice mom, thanks."


"Will you tell me the story of my birthday now?"


"Me too."

Aww, you guys. I'd love to. But how about if we wait for your birthdays to come around, and share your stories then?


"It's a deal, mom."


That was a fun birthday celebration, O'Malley.


"And a tasty one, too!"



Flapper and family would like to wish their friend Charlie
a speedy recovery, as he prepares to find his rhythm.



Special THANKS go out to Lori, who visited Flapper last weekend and treated us all to breakfasts, dinners, concerts, etc. She set the bar pretty high for visiting Flapper Fans. Thanks, Lori!


This is Quackers on a trip to Paris, France. Thanks to Melani & Olivia for sharing their photo with us. Quacks to you, from Flapper.


Nina holds the phone for her goose Daffy so she can make a honkin' lot of phone calls. Thanks for sharing the photo, Nina!


Special love goes out to all the ducks that Audra hatched and saved, who are now all grown up and released back to a semi-wild environment with a pond. You take care, kids!


And congratulations to Erin and her husband on the birth of their beautiful baby Owen.


Lastly, Flapper would like to thank Deb for sending us this beautiful bracelet. We liked it so much we had Flapper pose to model for an ad for your jewelry. Thanks, Deb!

:: stay tuned ::

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